Looking for Australian Labradoodle Puppies?

    …and not just any Labradoodle, but one of the best!

Our focus at Mountain View Labradoodles in Central Oregon is breeding Australian Multi-generation Labradoodle puppies that have a medium sized lab-like body with a poodle-type coat of silky soft, non-shedding fleece, and a calm, mellow temperament.

When you find a conscientious breeder of Labradoodles, it’s more likely you’ll get a puppy that is not only healthy, has a fantastic well-balanced temperament, is as sweet as can be, but also has that desirable non-shedding, hypoallergenic coat.

Australian Labradoodle puppies are available to reserve now! Please visit our Available Puppies page to see our expected litters for the coming months.

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When you reserve a Labradoodle puppy from our breeding home, we strive to provide you with the highest quality pup that’s had the best possible start in life. The desirable qualities have been bred in and as many flaws as possible have been bred out. Above all, we make sure to spend lots of quality time with each individual puppy.

Our goal is to breed and nurture our Australian Labradoodles for:

  • Clear line of health – with this in mind, we screen out genetic disease such as cancer, hip and elbow dysplasia, cardiac and PRA (progressive retinal atrophy).
  • Well socialized – In fact, each puppy is exposed from day 1 to a fun, family environment that encourages calm, mellow behavior. Group and one-on-one socialization, tolerance of noise, human handling, alone-time, and adaptation to as many everyday activities as possible; preliminary potty and crate training.
  • Temperament – Overall, happy and playful, yet mellow and gentle; highly intelligent and easily trained; enthusiastic; graceful; athletic with agility, spunk, and spring; in other words, the perfect family dog.
  • Superior features – blockier head;  a silky soft fleece coat that’s non-shedding and hypoallergenic with virtually no smell for allergy-prone people (and a cleaner house!); also, a coat weight that’s not too thick or curly for easier care.
  • Exceptional veterinary checks and care for total health and grooming, including:
    • Complete physical exams, jaw and teeth care.
    • First baths, nail clipping, coat brushing.
    • Vaccinations – the first set of shots are administered on time and in advance of adoption.
  • Commitment to you and your puppy – as experienced breeders and trainers, we’re available long after you adopt your puppy for questions and guidance. We truly like to be a part of your doodle’s life and are happy to help you anytime we can.
  • A lovable family addition – Our breeding home is one that is showered with tender loving care and decades of breeding experience to begin each Labradoodle puppy’s life with the love, security, and the balance he or she needs to be your ideal family dog. In addition, each puppy is gently and skillfully whelped inside our “nursery” and is loved and cared for around the clock, until they move to their new family.

This is Hank, one of our Labradoodles placed as a pet . Hank has been very well trained!

We are located in beautiful Sisters, Oregon, just west of Bend and east of Eugene, Salem, and Portland.

“Just by the way our puppy acts with us shows how well you raised him, took care of him, and above all, we can “see” all the love, attention, and play he received. If I know anyone wanting a Labradoodle, I will definitely recommend you.”

These beautiful, loving, and top-quality Labradoodles go fast! Don’t miss out and reserve your new Australian Labradoodle puppy today.

E-mail: mtviewlabradoodles@gmail.com