Commitment & Policy

Our Commitment to You
Labradoodle Breeder Ethics

Only the absolute best – it’s our promise and our policy

We will only breed Labradoodles that are vet approved, healthy, and have great temperaments. We only breed dogs that have come from top quality bloodlines, originating with AKC Poodles and Labradors.

Our breeding dogs must have both hip and eye certification (hips – OFA Good or Excellent and/or PennHip and “normal” eye diagnosis by a certified ophthalmologist), and be cleared of cardiac and VWD. We do not breed until all test results are complete and verifiable. Occasionally we will breed Fair hips, but take careful precaution to use a sire with Good or Excellent hips with a precise consideration to pedigrees and genetic history. Please feel free to contact our veterinarian, Dr. Tara McSwaine, at Tumalo Animal Hospital to verify our commitment to breeding healthy dogs.

In addition, we will not breed more puppies than what we can handle in order to give each puppy special care and attention. We go well beyond the norm of breeder care and raise our puppies in a loving, clean environment, with lots of affection every day and special attention to socialization.

We make sure all of our Labradoodles are cared for in a kind and loving manner. They always have fresh water, warmth (or shade), bones to chew on, are kept parasite free, and are fed quality dog food. We believe dogs should be trained in obedience, so they will be a blessing, not only to us, but to others they meet and spend time with.

We will be honest with you, and are committed to helping you enjoy your puppy. Should you be unable to keep your Labradoodle for some unforeseen reason, we will do our best to assist you in finding him or her another good home.

Our Policies

When you receive your Labradoodle puppy, he or she comes with a:

  • Written sales agreement signed by you and by us that describes in detail all terms of the sale
  • Copy of our health guarantee, which includes a copy of all health and vaccination records
  • Basic training booklet
  • Blog with photos of your puppy from birth to 6 weeks
  • Safe puppy toy

Payment in full must be received before puppies leave our home. Puppy prices are $2,800 for an Australian Labradoodle.

We will be asking several questions about your home and lifestyle during the application process. We would like to know that you are prepared to care for your puppy and that you are ready to devote the necessary time to training your Labradoodle so that he or she is a blessing to you and your family. We do our best to place all of our puppies in a loving home that will be good for the dog and the owner over the entire life of the dog. Bringing a new pet into your family is a serious commitment.

Once your application is approved, we will post to this website, our Facebook and Instagram, and puppy blog when a litter is born. When the puppies reach 6 weeks of age, we will do our final temperament testing and then matching the puppies to their new families, according to the requests you have made on your application and the temperament we feel is best for your family. We will fulfill as many of your requests as possible, as we would like everyone to be happy with their puppy.

We will email you with a photo of your puppy once the matching is done and we will be requesting final payment at that time, if you’d like to pay with a personal check.

We will be taking all of our Labradoodle puppies into our Veterinarian for exams at 7 weeks of age.

All puppies are being sold as “pet” puppies, unless otherwise arranged for a professional breeder. We will sell the puppy to you on a spay/neuter contract that is legal and binding.

We guarantee – in writing – that your puppy will be healthy when you receive him or her. If health problems develop, are determined to be of a serious nature, and are considered hereditary by at least two veterinarians, you and your investment are covered under our health guarantee. To see a copy, click Health Warrarnty & Sales Contract.

We want you to be confident that your puppy is healthy so we require that you have your new puppy examined by your own veterinarian within 72 hours after you receive him or her.

We reserve the right to choose and retain puppies from our litters that will be used for the future of our breeding program and/or traded with other Breeders in our efforts to continue producing the best possible breeding dogs.

We keep thorough and accurate records on all our dogs and make them available to you since they may help in your decision-making process of choosing the litter you’d like to get a puppy from.

We try to keep track of the puppies we send off to families, and would love to hear from you and get stories as your puppy adjusts and grows in your home. We welcome every photo and update you’d like to email or mail to us for our website and/or brag book.

We are available to help you in any way we can with your decision in purchasing a puppy. Once you own one of our dogs, we will continue to be available, as a resource, or should you have any questions.