SMountain View Labradoodles puppy playing with a toyince 2002 we have been breeding quality Australian Labradoodles. Our Australian Labradoodle pedigrees began in Australia and America. All of our dogs are either Penn Hip certified, or OFA certified with good and/or excellent hips in their lines, certified for eyes, tested for progressive retinal atrophy, cardiac, patellas, elbows, and cleared of genetic disease often found in Australian Labradoodles.

On very rare occasions we will consider breeding Fair hips, but take careful precaution to use a sire with Good or Excellent hips with a precise consideration to pedigrees and genetic history of quality hip lines. Most all of our breeding females are retired after having 3 to 4 litters, so they can enjoy a wonderful, normal dog life.

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The Very Best Australian Labradoodles

All of our breeding dogs live in approved guardian homes and receive countless hours of love, affection, care, and training. They love to play, but will also settle in for a good snuggle during a movie. Our dogs have the best life possible with one-on-one care and attention.

We take great pride in the wonderful dogs we produce.

Our Australian Labradoodles come in a variety of sizes, colors, and personalities. Click the buttons below to see our sweet Australian Labradoodles!

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