Did You Know?

  • Did you know your Australian Labradoodle needs 2-hours of physical activity a day to remain healthy & fulfilled mentally? This may be a walk, a run in the backyard, fetch, or even a play date with a friendly dog. A balanced dog is a stimulated dog both mentally & physically. Keep things interesting with your dog by mixing up their activities, but do your best to get those 2-hours in a day in unique ways! The same walk every day won’t have the same stimulation as a unique path or new experience. 


  • Did you know Australian Labradoodles are some of the smartest dogs on the planet? Studies have shown they can solve puzzles with ease, understand basic human interaction, & can evenRey Australian Labradoodle Puppy find their way home if lost up to 10 miles away by simply using their nose & memory. With dogs so smart, mentally stimulating them is important to keep them happy & balanced. With even your basic routines, try keeping your dog on their toes by mixing up their routines & making them do specific responses in order to get what they are wanting. Exercise isn’t just physical, but mental!


  • Did you know that by simply mixing up your adult dogs routine you can stimulate their brain & keep them focused on you? Feeding in a new location, taking them into a pet store or home-improvement store, or taking them to the beach can create new neural pathways that not only help your Labradoodle thrive, but create an environment for them to focus on you as they become anticipatory of what is to come next. Owning a Australian Labradoodle should be fun, so enjoy the ownership adventures! Everyone enjoys a “lap dog”, but most forget the work you have to put in to achieve that goal each day. If “Netflix & chill” is your goal for 7pm, then stimulate your Australian Labradoodle during the day to achieve that goal!