Grooming Tips (Part 1)

We are going to be starting a multi-part series about grooming Doodles. If you have owned a Doodle for any amount of time you know that finding a quality groomer can be an adventure. Let alone the cost of grooming. Many families are opting for doing basic grooming at home to keep grooming costs low while others are choosing to do the whole thing themselves. Over the next few months we will release multiple parts to a grooming series giving tips & tricks.


Part 1 – Dematting Tools

Having the proper tools makes all the difference in the world when addressing a Doodle coat. No matter if your Doodle has a fleece coat, a straight coat, or a curly coat having the right tools will turn grooming time from frustrating & exhausting to challenging but smooth!


Tool #1 – Dematting Brush

The first tool you will want is a dematting brush. There are countless brands on the market & with varying grips, but all have the main feature of razor blades on on side of the brush. Let me talk about the first picture design to start. This is a curved blade design. It is designed to angle into the mat & cut through it leaving the majority of the fur intact. Some come with blades on both sides (like the picture) while others have a design for just one side. These brushes work fantastic & are a staple in our everyday grooming.



The second design is a straight, serrated blade design. It is designed to slice through the mat & slice through it leaving the majority of the fur intact. They have a comfy spot for your thumb as you guide the blade through the fur. I prefer the curve design, but I have both of these & both work great!

While hearing the word “blade” may be intimidating for you, they are very safe, very easy to use, & a lifesaver with grooming Doodles. One of these designs is a must have. We don’t get too caught up on brands vs. design. Just type in “dematting brush” into amazon, chewy, or your favorite pet store & you’ll see similar products. Just ensure it has blades on it.

Tool #2 – Slicker Brush

Having a quality slicker brush is a necessity to have that smooth, fluffy coat on a Doodle. The key to buying a quality slicker brush is finding one with flexible but also firm “teeth” to it. There are silicone options on the market now that simply don’t do the job as they are too flexible or too soft. Having a slicker brush is for that beautiful brush out all over once the mats have been cut out.

A curved design is a nice touch to a slicker brush as it moves along with the curvature of the dogs body while also allowing you to start the brush at the top and “rock it” through the fur in a downward motion.


Tool #3 – Scissors & Comb

This item contains four items in one. This is the final essential item to your grooming kit. #1 is a straight edge scissor. You can buy the grooming style with rounded tips or use basic ones in your home with pointy edges. But a straight angle scissor is what you want. #2 is a curved scissor. This is fantastic for shaping the head of a Doodle. The angle of the blades & the rounded tips make for protected & true cuts for your Doodle. #3 is a steel toothed comb. This is fantastic for combing the beard hair before trimming as well as the fur around the paw pad. It is a valuable tool to get into the hard get the fur to shape the way you want it. #4 is the thinning shears. I will talk more about these next month as we dive into the way more of the “how to’s” of grooming a Doodle. However thinning shears is a Doodles best friend when used correctly!

You can usually find all four of these tools in one pack. Simply go to Amazon, Chewy, or your favorite pet website & type in “grooming tools” & these four tools typically come in a pack & are fairly inexpensive. Some will try to upcharge for comfort, but as long as the design is similar it will do the job you’re looking for!


In part 2, next month, we will begin to cover how to use these tools. We will start with the head next month & focus on how to properly shape the eyes, the beard, & especially the ears of a Doodle so your Doodle looks like a Doodle & not a Poodle or Cocker Spaniel. Get your tools ordered & stay tuned for more information in August!


Robby Gilliam

Owner/Breeder/Lead Trainer

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