Here at Mountain View Doodles, we pride ourselves in being a full service of support to your Doodle. From providing you an amazing puppy, offering training support, boarding, & now grooming! We are committed to providing a variety of services at the highest quality for our Mountain View community. We are not just a place where your precious pup will enjoy being, but you can rest assured your dog will be well taken care of because of our experience, full focus on dogs, & attention to not only detail but the care & love of the dog along the way.

Whether your dog hasn’t been groomed in a long while or they are just needing a touch up, we are here to serve! Here at Mountain View Grooming we’ll make sure that your pooch will look his or her best.

Complete Grooming Package – $125

  • Brush out – We will start by brushing out your Doodle to ensure the fur is even & smooth. (We do charge extra for heavy dematting) *
  • Complete Teddy Bear Cut – We do not offer special request cutting of you Doodle. We only offer a classic Australian Labradoodle Teddy Bear cut. **
  • Nail Trim – We will cut and/or file their nails to clean them up & make them a little safer for both you & them.
  • Anal Gland Expression – We will express their anal glands when needed.
  • Complete Bath – We want to ensure your sweet dog is squeaky clean for you! ***
  • Ear Cleaning – We will clean their ears both by hand & with an ear wash, but will not pluck ears canals.
  • Brush out – We will do a secondary brush out to ensure the fur is smooth & looking gorgeous for you!
  • Blow Dry – We will blow out their coat to give them a beautiful, fluffy look.
  • Cologne/Perfume – We will help them smell their best for you by spritzing them with either a “spring floral” scent or a “coconut” scent. ****
  • Dapper Addition –
    We will finalize their groom with a bow, scarf, or tie to help them look their best.

We offer a $25 off discount to any dog that books another grooming with us at the time of their current grooming. We suggest Doodles to get a full grooming every 6 to 8 weeks depending on their specific growth pattern on their dog.

Grooming is done by appointment only. Typical grooms last around 2 hours, but is subject to change based on condition of dog’s coat. Mountain View will communicate via text message when dog is done. Grooming can be booked in either Brownsville, Oregon or Sisters, Oregon.




*The first 15-minutes we have to spend on dematting is free. We charge $15 for every 15-minutes spent dematting. We will give a rough estimate of this prior to starting the grooming as we will assess the dog with you prior to drop off. 

**Our Teddy Bear cut is designed to cut your Doodle to around 5/8″ all around their body with a scissor cut around their face. We also shape the ears around the ear leather & keep the beard shorter to allow a classic Australian Labradoodle look. 

***We are very experienced working with dogs. Some minor anxiety or hyperness is not a problem for us. However, if a dog needs to be restrained or muzzled during grooming then Mountain View cannot guarantee the finished product. If we are having a problem with your dog then this will be communicated with you during the grooming. Mountain View Doodles does not guarantee a full refund depending on the circumstances, but may offer one if the grooming did not progress very far due to behavior. 

****This is not a necessity. If you have a sensitive nose & would like us to skip this step we are more than happy to do so!