Kennel Cough Remedies

Kennel Cough infects many dogs yearly all over the US. Even those dogs with the vaccine can sometimes still contract it. If your dog starts to cough here are some remedies you can give:

1.) Coconut Oil – It can not only soothe the throat, but also help fight the infection
2.) Honey – Raw honey added to food or even directly given in the mouth can add soothing relief to the nagging cough.
3.) Probiotics – This will help rebalance their gut flora and help fight the infection from within.
4.) Chicken Broth – This will help soothe the throat as well as bring them benefits nutrients for healing.
5.) Steam – Have your dog in the bathroom with you when you shower. Similar to humans, when a dog is congested the steam helps loosen things up and bring relief.
6.) Antibiotics – When in doubt, always seek a vet’s advice and the medicine they prescribe. A basic 10-day dose of antibiotics should help kick the Kennel Cough to the curb!

While Kennel Cough is mostly a harmless virus in most cases, it can be highly contagious and very uncomfortable for your dog. Knowing the signs and remedies can make things much easier on that sweet pup of yours!