Kiva’s 2018 Litter

Week-5 Pictures

Kiva’s puppies have reached 5-weeks old already! What a wonderful litter this is. Their personalities are starting to blossom as they play, snuggle, and eat together as a pack. They got introduced to grass for the first time today on this beautiful spring day and had a blast exploring. We are only one week away from the official puppy matching for this beautiful group! At this time we have two males available in this litter.

Kiva Puppy Video

4-Week Shots

Kiva’s puppies are 4-weeks old today. They are now spending these warm spring days in their outdoor play area. Learning to socialize with other puppies, move around independently, and learning to litter box train already! They are eating puppy mush very well now and drinking water out of a dish. They are still nursing with their mama, but the natural weaning process is slowly underway as they learn to be independent and Kiva is ready for them to spread their wings and fly. Noise therapy is in full swing this week as well as socialization and handling. Our four young children will spend all week holding, petting, and training these pups to be ready for their big debut when we place them in your arms. You may notice color changes this week. Their color is changing as their coats grow out, but this week we had beautiful sun which brought out rich tones. It’s always amazing to us what beauty a rich sun brings out to a Labradoodles shining fur. We are only two short weeks away from puppy matching!

3-Week Shots

Kiva’s puppies are 3-weeks old today. They are starting to become active as they move around their whelping box in what we call a “high speed wobble”. They are learning to play with each other and toys as wrestling, tug-o-war, and slow game of tag are becoming a daily event. They are still nursing and spending the majority of their time with their mother, but we will begin introducing puppy mush to them this week. Puppy mush is softened dog food that helps them learn to eat independently while still getting needed nutrients from nursing and snuggle time with their mama. Noise therapy will continue this week and we will begin basic training principles with every puppy. This will consist of learning to potty on a piddle pad and not getting attention until they are quiet and sit. Their personalities will really start to blossom this week as they learn to move and play more.

2-Week Shots

Kiva’s puppies are 2-weeks old today. Their eyes & ears are starting to open. This is a fun week full of exploring their new sights & sounds. Noise therapy will begin this week to get them used to many common sounds they will interact with once they go home to you (garbage truck, other dogs barking, doors slamming, sirens going off, etc). We will also continue our handling of them to keep them comfortable with human touch and smells. This week will be full of exploration and you will see big growth from this week to the next.

1-Week Shots

Kiva’s Puppies are now one week old. They are all growing and thriving under their mothers care. They spend the majority of their time nursing or sleeping at this point. As they approach their two-week mark their eyes and ears will begin to open. This week this will start scooting around their whelping box more and using their nose to find their mom as they explore more and more.

Newborn Shots