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There are many people breeding Labradoodles since they have become so popular, however not all are excellent breeders. Some are basically trying to “cash in” on the new trend. Beware of “copy cat” breeders who have website names very much like a reputable breeder (one or two symbols off), but sell their puppies for a much lower price. Watch out for Breeders who do not provide proof of health screening, do not provide a money back health guarantee and are not a part of a breeder accountability group or a long history of quality breeding.

Some things to ask when looking for a reputable dog breeder are:

1. Are they using top quality breeding stock with good temperaments and testing the genetic line for hip dysplasia, elbows, eyes, cardiac, and other health problems? Do they make these test results available to you upon request?
2. Are they using a contract which offers a 2-3 year health guarantee against hip dysplasia and other genetic diseases? Anything less has little value.
3. Are they keeping good records of both the bitch and the sire and making these reports and pedigrees available to you upon request?
4. Will they give you references that you can call or email to confirm their credibility as a breeder?
5. Are they open and honest in their communication with you, and knowledgeable about the Labradoodle breeds?
6. Do they offer lifetime support and training guidance?

Listed below are several Labradoodle breeders that we have worked with and can recommend in Oregon, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and Canada.

Oregon: Bedrock Labradoodles Maggie in Portland, Oregon
Juniper Ridge Labradoodles Shannon in Sisters, Oregon
Mountain Park Labradoodles Debi in Oregon
Ocean View Labradoodles Sheri & Jennifer in Brookings, Oregon
Signature Labradoodles Amy in Eugene, Oregon
Spring Creek Labradoodles Rochelle in Creswell, Oregon
Starlight Ridge Labradoodles Kami in Grants Pass, Oregon
Valley Vineyard Labradoodles Mary in Lafayette, Oregon
 California: Brasken Labradoodles Brandon in Atascadero, California
Golden Gate Labradoodles Kristin Hotti in San Francisco, California
Sierra Vista Labradoodles Gen & Terry in California
Sutter Butte Labradoodles Brandi in California
Florida:  South Florida Australian Labradoodles Michele in South Florida (& Nashville, Tennessee)
 Massachusetts: Tango Wool Labradoodles Marci in Massachusetts
Washington:    Seattle Labradoodles Jan in Seattle, Washington
  Annie’s Doodles Annie in Ferndale, Washington
Canada: Earth Angels Labradoodles Tammie in Alberta
Prairie Doodles Gail in Alberta
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