At Mountain View Labradoodles we take pride in offering you not just any puppy, but one of the best. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies are priced at $2,800. For this price you receive:

  • 2 year genetic health guarantee
  • 3 year hip guarantee
  • 3 generation pedigree (This is only given once spay/neuter is complete and proof is shown)
  • Photos of the litter posted weekly to social media and our blog¬† so you can follow along with their growth until we place the puppy in your care
  • Basic training booklet
  • NuVet supplement sample and ordering information
  • 30-day free trupanion pet-insurance
  • Initial puppy vaccine, worming, and vet exam
  • Puppy toy
  • Age-appropriate socialization of your puppy so it is ready to be around the world you will place it in
  • Preliminary potty and crate training
  • 25% off Baxter & Bella Online Training and ordering information
  • Life’s Abundance puppy food ordering information
  • A lifetime of support and connection

Most of our puppies are picked up on site, but other delivery options are available. Delivery options are an additional fee depending on the circumstances if that option is chosen. Please contact us for more information.

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Sizing Labradoodles

Miniature: Weight: Female – 20-30 pounds; Male – 25-35 pounds.
Height: 14-17″
Medium: Weight: Female – 30-40 pounds; Male – 35-45 pounds.
Height: 17-20″
Standard: Weight: Female – 45-65 pounds; Male – 50-70 pounds.
Height: 20-26″
Life Expectancy: Labradoodles may live for approximately 12-15 years