Recommended Dog Food

With many years producing the highest quality of Australian Labradoodles we know that food is of the utmost importance. It can alter coats, change personalities, cause their health to thrive or struggle, and ultimately affect almost every facet of a dogs life! One thing to consider when choosing a food is to see the number of recalls a food has had. Sadly, there have been countless recalls lately. Some of the biggest brands in pet food have been recalled due to things being found in their food. Those items include glass, small traces of metal, insecticides, rat poison, copper, ammonia, bleach & the list sadly goes on & on. Some of this is due to neglectful practices, creating food too quickly without proper checks & balances, or using cheap ingredients both foreign & domestic.

So how do you know the truth from the biased marketing slogans?

  1. The biggest thing to to follow is recalls. How many recalls has a company had? If the company hasn’t had any, is there a parent company that is producing the food that has had an issue with other brands under their label?
  2. The next thing to consider is quality ingredients that don’t include trouble items for Australian Labradoodles. Some Australian Labradoodles can have an aversion to lentils, “chicken meal”, or peas.
  3. In addition to quality ingredients, finding where the ingredients come from & how they are manufactured is important. Having food made here in the US with local products is always a great start with food due to shelf life concerns.

Maybe you’re asking yourself “that is all good information, but I don’t have time to research every bag of dog food at my local pet store.”

We have been breeding these amazing dogs for over 20 years now & after extensive research as well as trying countless foods on our dogs ourselves, we have found that nothing comes close to comparing to the high quality and rich ingredients of PawTree. We switched our entire program over to this 2-years ago & we use this on all of our puppies as well as breeding dogs here. When a puppy comes home from us this is the food they are be on. There are some major reasons why this food is not only outstanding, but gets our firm stamp of approval & recommendation:

  1. They have had ZERO recalls since the inception of their company.
  2. Their customer service is beyond helpful. If there is an error on an order, damage, or something wrong with the food they remedy the issue right away.
  3. They have countless kibble recipes & flavor seasonings. Most of the time when you change flavors on a dog they can have upset stomachs. Not so with PawTree. We find we can mix & match flavors & seasoning for our dogs constantly with no issues. The dogs love the variety!
  4. They have countless freeze dried treats that take your dogs interest to the next level.
  5. We see shiny coats, firmer stools, & we feed MUCH less on PawTree due to its dense protein counts.
  6. It is shipped right to you door without thinking about it!

We can’t say enough about their wonderful food, treats, & wellness supplies. We encourage you to explore their offerings for yourself by clicking here.

If you are interested in ordering to try any of their products, we offer a 20% discount on your first order by just being a Mountain View family! Here are some pro-tips for ordering:

  1. Create an account & fill out their “Pet Profile”. This allows you to find the best flavor of food targeted for your dogs needs as well as upload a picture. This makes ordering fun as each bag of food will come personalized with their name & picture.
  2. Order 3 non-food items along with your dog food. These items are clearly marked on their website, but can be treats or any health & wellness items.
  3. Put your order on an EZ Ship order. This puts your order on a schedule. You can skip it at any point or cancel at any time. As an example, you can set your EZ Ship order for every 3-months to allow you to try the food & evaluate before you decide to keep ordering. However, by putting it in a EZ Ship order you will receive free shipping which is a huge bonus! Their food lasts for over 9-months (in some cases 18-months) so it will arrive fresh & you won’t have to worry about it spoiling.
  4. At your first checkout enter INTRO4U as a promo code for 20% off your first order.

We take our recommendations very serious as we only want the best for our precious puppies & adult dogs. Finding a dog food that meets are standards is not easy. So you can rest assured, when we say PawTree is the best food we have ever used that is a strong recommendation! Whether you have an older dog, a younger adult, or a tender puppy…give PawTree a try. You’ll be glad you did!