Retired Labradoodles

The foundation of our Labradoodle breeding program began with AKC Labrador and Poodle lines that had been genetically tested for years. We have had the pleasure of owning many fantastic dogs who have contributed to the success of the Labradoodle Puppies we are providing families with today. Below are a few chosen dogs that were pivotal in the foundation our business.

Meet Our Original Labradors:

Cassie’s Aspen Rose


Aspen retired to her guardian family in Bend, Oregon. We purchased Aspen in March of 2000 to start our breeding program. She has a very outgoing and friendly temperament and loves to fetch. Her excellent hip scores started us off on a good note with all of her offspring. The sire of her Labradoodle litters also has fantastic hip scores and a sweet, mellow temperament. The combination of these two dogs produced 4 litters of wonderful F1 Labradoodles for us.


Dakota’s Bailey Brown

Bailey lived out her long life with our parents in Lebanon, Oregon. She was born March 6, 2002. She was an incredibly mellow Labrador with an intense desire to please. Bailey was at the top of her class in obedience, and was a medium-size with great confirmation. Her sire was a confirmation and junior field trial champion. She loved to swim, fetch, and hang out in the house or on the trail. Her hips were certified with OFA as good. Other health clearances include CERF and cardiac. Bailey retired after having 4 litters of beautiful F1 Labradoodle puppies.

Meet Our Original Poodles:


Sunshine Star Trusty

Trusty was owned by Spring Creek Labradoodles at the time we hired him to sire multiple litters of F1 Labradoodles and Goldendoodles for us. The combination of his sweet, mellow temperament and excellent hips scores started our foundation lines off very well. He was a small standard, apricot poodle.


Royal’s Quest for Romance

Royal lived in California after his retirement. He was born December 8, 2005. He was a fun-loving, happy fellow whose antics kept us laughing, as he bounced through life. He sired our red and apricot Labradoodle and Goldendoodle lines. His PennHip rating was good. Other clearances include vWD, CERF, PRA and cardiac.

Meet Our Foundational Labradoodles:

Meet Our Recently Retired Labradoodles:

Meet Our Hall Of Fame Studs:

These are studs who made a huge impact not just in the amount of litters sired, but also in the genetic & conformation diversity they brought to our esteemed program. Their contributions to our program were invaluable to make Mountain View Labradoodles what it is today!