Sadie 2018 Puppies

Week-5 Pictures

Sadie’s puppies are now five weeks old. They are active, playful, and busy wrestling during the day. They are experiencing new textures and play areas and their progress is going great in their initial training. These beautiful chocolate puppies are leaning their independence and getting ready for their forever homes with noise therapy and daily socialization. Next week will be the official puppy matching day for all on this reservation list. We currently still have one female remaining in this litter.

Week-4 Pictures

Sadie’s puppies are now four weeks old today. They have been moved to their indoor/outdoor space and learning to move in a “high speed wobble”. They are learning to play together as a pack with wrestling and tug-o-war is their favorite activity. Litter box training, crate training, noise therapy, and basic sit and stay is in full swing this week. Our temperment testing will be ongoing as we look for which puppy to match with each family. This is such a gorgeous litter with great coats, temperaments, and conformation. Due to a recent cancellation we now have two females available in this litter.

Week-3 Update

Sadie’s puppies are three weeks old today. They are starting to move around, explore, and play with each other more. This is a big week of development for them. By next week they will transition to their outdoor space and begin some of their training (litter box, crate, toys, sit stay, etc). Here is a fun video this week to watch them in action.

Sadie’s Puppies

Week-2 Pictures

Sadie’s puppies are two weeks old today. They are growing fast. Their eyes and ears are just beginning to open and this brings with it a whole new exciting world for them. They are scooting around exploring their surroundings as they experience these new sensations. Noise therapy is already beginning for them to get them used to common sounds. We are handling each puppy daily to get them used to human smell, touch, and to create calm and balanced puppies. This week will again be spent primarily under their mother’s care and they will spend most of their days nursing and sleeping as their little bodies grow!

Week-1 Pictures

Sadie’s puppies have reached the week-1 mark and all are doing very well! Their eyes and ears are still closed as they spend the majority of their time nursing and sleeping under the watchful eye of their mother. They are getting handled daily to get them used to human touch and smell. Over the next week their eyes and ears will begin to open and it will literally open up a whole new world to them.

Newborn Pictures