Zoe’s 2018 Litter

5-Week Pictures

Zoe’s puppies have reached 5-weeks old already! What a stunning litter this is. Their personalities are starting to blossom as they play, snuggle, and eat together as a pack. They are loving their outdoor play space as they learn to run around and play tag with each other. We are only one week away from the official puppy matching for this beautiful group! Next week we will match each family with their adorable puppy over e-mail and will finalize all details with each family for the day you get to take your puppy home.

4-Week Pictures

Zoe’s beautiful puppies are 4-weeks old now. They are growing at a rapid pace and

starting to develop their own unique personalities. They are starting to eat puppy mush and learning to play together. Wrestling, tug a war, and tag are their games of choice. This week we will focus on their training of sitting before being fed and being quiet before being held or given attention.

3-Week Pictures

Zoe’s puppies are now 3-weeks old. We had a bit of a sleepy group today during our photo shoot. 🙂

They are now moving in what we call a “high-speed wobble”. They are learning to play and wrestle with each other. This week noise therapy and socialization will continue to happen so they are ready for their forever families in a few short weeks.

2-Week Pictures

Zoe’s puppies are 2-weeks old today. Their eyes & ears are starting to open. This is a fun week full of exploring their new sights & sounds. Noise therapy will begin this week to get them used to many common sounds they will interact with once they go home to you (garbage truck, other dogs barking, doors slamming, sirens going off, etc). We will also continue our handling of them to keep them comfortable with human touch and smells. This week will be full of exploration and you will see big growth from this week to the next.


1-Week Pictures





Newborn Pictures